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This Is Shawn W McQuaid

This is why cyber bullying is not ok and why Shawn W McQuaid will always be made accountable for the actions he partakes in: https://glob...

Who is Shawn W McQuaid aka Shawnio

This Is Shawn W McQuaid aka Shawnio

This is why cyber bullying is not ok and why Shawn W McQuaid will always be made accountable for the actions he partakes in:
http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/shawn-w-mcquaid/georgetown-ontario-/shawn-w-mcquaid-shawnio-ripoff-report-warns-of-questionable-content-redacted-georg-798992Who is Shawn W McQuaid aka Shawnio?
His YouTube account:
Known for Trolling the internets fighting the good fights...
won some, lost some,..
made some good friends, lost some good enemies.
all in all sometimes it feels good to be the bad guy.
Thank you for being a part of the Social Experiment :)"
Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person's reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person.
This blog proves defamation of character by way of record through screen shots and other digital means.  These are generated through the actions of the cyber bully himself as proof of his crime.  This blog is NOT defamation of character as it only reflects the cyber bullies actions towards his victims.  The use of images there in, sets outs to prove who he is and the actions he has taken towards his victims to show others of what he has done so no one else can become a victim of this person.
It is true that anyone can make up a blog and fake, photo-shop screen-shots. However, we have not done that here. Everything here was captured as he was committing the act itself, it is well known documented proof, it is the FACTS. It is not some conspiracy or propaganda as Shawnio would like you to believe. Of course who could blame him for trying when he has been caught red handed and exposed right here!  This site exists because of his cyber bullying and criminal negligence for wanting to hurt people he has never even met. He believes that as the screen-shots get older and blogtv no longer exists, that somehow the facts will become irrelevant.  No, this site is here to warn others of this troubled individual so no one else can become a victim of this person. That is why this site exists. Yes it focuses on one individual, Shawn W Mcquaid and it does so for a reason.  Google his name and you will see him in action. Google his victims, you will see the pattern.  Isn't it interesting that as soon as you mention this guy and this guy alone all of a sudden you have a "whois(fillinvictimsnamehere).blogspot.com"?  Ya see! A true pattern.
Read this blog and then read the many hate blogs he has created over the years towards his victims.  You can see an obvious pattern.  There is a real glaring obvious problem when he has issues with everyone and yet, somehow he is the "victim". Read and learn and you can see where the real facts are.
 You did it, we just post it.

 ^^ Shawnio Report^^
Anyone who has been in criminally harassed and or cyber bullied by this troll Shawn W Mcquaid is urged to contact:  Detective Debbie Howe of the investigations unit / Barrie Police 705-725-7025  ext 2750
Occurrence # BA-15005567    

This page is here to provide the facts and to expose Shawn W Mcquaid aka Shawnio aka The Gimp, aka The Numpty Gnome, so you do not end up being another one of his victims.  I have no connection to Shawn W McQuaid, Nathan Rajkhowa, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, Ray Mawhinney, Johnny Amadeus, John Anderson William K Murtaugh Michelle Stacy, Jane Blogs, Daniel Lardner or Eric Cisar,
The above mentioned in this blog are not the owners of this blog.  Shawn has many many enemies and with what is recorded here, you can call me Mr Anonymous ;)

I am someone who has seen victims of cyber bullying and criminal harassment.  This blog is here to show what he has done and out him so that he has no choice but to take responsibility for what he has done.
This is the list of victims
  • whoisraymawhinney
  • whoisjonnyamadeus
  • (http://whoisscuttlebutt.blogspot.ca)
  • whoisjohnanderson
  • whoiswilliamkmurtaugh
  • (http://exposingmurtwitnessonelive.blogspot.ca/)
  • whoiskemiomoluolunloyo
  • (http://whoiskesus.blogspot.ca/)
  • (http://olukemiolunloyo.blogspot.ca/)
  • whoisnathanrajkhowa
  • whoisandylee
  • whoismichellestacy
  • whoisdaniellardner
  • (http://whoisdaniellardner.blogspot.ca/)((Locked))
  • whoisraunchfoxx
  • whoisknightsabers
  • whoisericcisar
  • (http://whoisericcisar.blogspot.ca/)
  • whoismalcomdwallace
  • Another hate blog Shawnio created
  • https://scuttlebuttscornerizwrong.wordpress.com/
  • https://scuttlebuttcorners.blogspot.ca/
  • https://fearoscope.blogspot.ca
  • https://whoistrolltikbrony.blogspot.ca/
  • thisis fill in victims name

(All blogs written and owned by Shawn W Mcquaid!)
or how about hate videos:

This is Shawn W McQuaids entire social life ;)

Untwisting Shawnio's own words..
Shawn w McQuaid has been a social broadcaster for  many years, over the years thousands of people have "interact"ed with him on the internet.
Of those "thousands" he interacts with, he stalks, trolls, slanders, liable and lies about them. He has a long list of victims in his wake
During the course of this time he has made a lot of friends and a lot of enemies.
Mostly enemies.......
You will be entertained by how the internet interacts with Shawnio.
But more so of how Shawnio interacts with the internet.

all you have to do is google his name and you can see how many people he has upset over the years.

The Irony is all those people have one person connecting them. Shawn W Mcquaid aka Shawnio.

Shawnio used to run a blog exposing scam artists and creepy old men perverting on young social broadcasters...

Proof he ran hate blogs that target victims while he scams them, is a creepy old man perverting on young social broad casters using many sock puppets.

You will notice how HE write about HIS victims as HE has the SAME traits:
1. HE harasses people online using anonymous accounts
2. HE impersonate others
3. HE tries to attempt to profit off of his drama he causes.
HE rambled on through life hurting innocent people,
Until he met me.
The End.

The Dox
Shawn McQuaid

 Toronto near Christie and Bloor near Christie pits park.


Source: whois.arin.net
IP Address:
Handle: NET-72-136-0-0-1
Registration Date: 9/20/05
Org: Rogers Communications Canada Inc.
Org Handle: RCC-182
Address: 333 Bloor Street East
9th Floor
City: Toronto
State/Province: ON
Postal Code: M4W 1G9
Country: Canada

His Mom.
Terri Mcquaid.

-----) http://facebook.com/shawnio
-----) http://periscope.tv/shawnmcquaid
-----) http://www.Shawnio.com
-----) http://reverbnation.com/shawnmcquaid

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